Regenerative Medicine meets AI & Blockchain



Rejuve’s mission is to accelerate longevity therapeutics by connecting individuals, medical clinics, biology labs and AIs. An offspring for-profit with its own crypto-graphic token, Rejuve has been carefully incubated since early 2018 within the SingularityNET Foundation, the nonprofit behind the world’s preeminent decentralized engineering AI platform.

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Longevity Mission
Rejuve Solution
Rejuve Founding Members believe it is time to combine leading longevity experts with cutting-edge AI to mine in-depth data from individuals to extend healthspan, support practical anti-aging regeneration therapies and work with universities and laboratories to test hypotheses suggested by bio-AI tools. Rejuve Network Members concur that the time is now to advance science and play an influential role in the ongoing longevity revolution.
Longevity Network
Rejuve is a membership network, comprised of individuals passionate to participate in the application of AI to human healthspan extension along with clinics, laboratories and AI and bioinformatics researchers and developers dedicated to the anti-aging and longevity cause.
Rejuve Token Benefits

By owning at least one RJV Token, members gain access to clinical expertise and various other benefits within the Network.

Candidate Research Projects

Stem Cells

Application of Evolutionary and Probabilistic AI to Learn Stem Cell Differentiation and Somatic Trans-differentiation Protocols

Human Aging

AI-Driven Systems Biology Research and Analysis for the Human Aging Model

Immune System

Novel Targeted Immuno-Stimulant Modulations for Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Cancer and Other Diseases

Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam
Chairman & Chief Biomedical Officer
Dr. Ben Goertzel
Director & Chief AI Advisor