Rejuve is a new kind of organization with a very old goal

To extend healthy human life as long as possible in a quest to radically increase the human healthspan.

Rejuve COVID Signals

The Rejuve COVID Biosignal Anomaly Detector App is being made available by, in order to support individuals desiring to explore factors that may serve as early indicators of a COVID-19 infection.

The app gathers information from medical sensor peripherals such as Apple Watches, Fitbits and digital thermometers. Anomaly detection on this sensor data is interpreted in the context of the user’s answers to a series of medical and lifestyle questions. Overall estimation of the user’s degree of COVID-19 risk is then provided by a Bayesian AI model integrating these data points.

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Our Vision

The Rejuve Network was created to represent the longevity community in a decentralized, autonomous manner and Rejuve Technology discovers, creates and tests therapies and diagnostics based on Network contributed biodata.

Rejuve Technology has exclusive rights to develop therapies or diagnostics based on Network biodata. Revenue associated with this work will revert to the Network based on a mutually agreed formula.

Our Business

Rejuve knows that Artificial intelligence and healthcare diagnostic advances on the blockchain are rapidly emerging into a multi-billion dollar market, a business that will dramatically extend the human health span in ways that we are not yet able to even comprehend.


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Our Science

Rejuve Technology is the commercial AI research enterprise arm designed to support the Network community. This elite medtech AI enterprise is the driving force behind the utilization and monetization of all biodata contributed in the Network.


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Our Community

The Rejuve Network is the heart and soul of the Rejuve longevity community. The Network promotes a synergistic and secure healthcare ecosystem based on the highest levels of biodata management and privacy for all community members.


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