About Us

Connecting individuals, medical clinics, biology labs and AIs to accelerate human health and longevity, Rejuve addresses the world’s aging and healthcare crisis by leveraging blockchain tokenomics. We’re a network that encourages the sharing of data to find longevity solutions.

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The Story of Rejuve

Rejuve leverages tokenomics to incentivise individuals passionate about longevity to collaborate with clinics, labs and researchers working to develop rejuvenation therapies. As a membership network, Rejuve provides for rapid deployment of modern AI to improve and extend life.


Rejuve has been incubated since early 2018 within SingularityNET, the Netherlands-based non-profit Foundation behind the world’s leading decentralized platform for AI developers and users. Now that it has reached a certain level of maturity, Rejuve is spinning off from SingularityNET as a separate for-profit entity which operates independently while relying on SingularityNET based tools for its AI functionality and expertise.

Rejuve Founding Members believe it is time to combine leading longevity experts with cutting-edge AI to mine in-depth data from individuals to extend healthspan, support practical anti-aging regeneration therapies and work with universities and laboratories to test hypotheses suggested by bio-AI tools. Rejuve Network Members concur that the time is now to advance science and play an influential role in the ongoing longevity revolution. 

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Our Vision

The arena into which Rejuve has entered is a global healthcare and medical research establishment that does not make personalized healthspan extension a top priority. Regulators are slow to cut red tape for promising longevity treatments. Limited economic incentives exist to align the interests of researchers, doctors, and patients to share data and find solutions that can cure the aging disease.

Biomedical research guided and interpreted by AI technology is the solution to the aging problem. Contemporary clinical and laboratory techniques, aided by AI analytical, simulation and reasoning tools, can make profound progress toward abolition of human aging in the near-term. Rejuve is ready to lead the way in originating and refining new solutions, using AI to expedite the discovery of new diagnostic tools and anti-aging treatments.