Our Business is Regenerative Medicine Meets AI Style

Bringing People Together to Cure Aging

Rejuve’s deploys its world class AI and blockchain technologies to biodata generated by the community to deliver customized longevity plans and monetize community biodata sets through research and discovery of anti-aging solutions to prolong healthy human lifespan.

Rejuve’s novel technology and business architecture combines advanced AI and leading-edge blockchain security with a unique Rejuve Points healthcare tokenomic mechanism to incentivize interaction between individuals, clinics, laboratories and researchers passionate about health and longevity.

Individuals contribute their personal lifestyle, medical and biodata to the secure blockchain-based data stores in return for Rejuve Points and a personalized longevity plan.

Clinics contribute anonymized data about patients undergoing longevity-related therapies (or non-anonymized data with consent) to Rejuve AI agents and supply services to individuals within the Rejuve Points ecosystem.

SingularityNET analyzes data contributed by individuals and clinics, applying neural net architectures with probabilistic logical inference and evolutionary pattern recognition implemented in the OpenCog Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system.

Biomedical researchers evaluate and refine hypotheses suggested by AI technology applied to biodata to define longevity therapies and support the monetization of longevity related diagnostics and solutions.

The Problem

The current global healthcare and medical research establishment does not make personalized healthspan extension a top priority. Health systems have a narrow individual disease-based focus reactionary in nature rather than forward-looking.

The economic and psychological incentives fail to align the interests of researchers, doctors and patients to share data and find solutions to aging diseases. The approach involves exchanges of cash and use of insurance premiums under the cumbersome and heavy hand of government regulation.

With the surge of the “silver tsunami”, more people are dying than ever before and a dramatic solution is needed. Of the over 150,000 people that die every day, two-thirds relate to aging diseases. This dynamic creates all sorts of serious issues for individuals and society across the medical, social and financial spectrum.

The explosion in the quantity and complexity of experimental data generated by biomedical research is widely recognized. The amount of biodata produced daily in genomics doubles every seven months; within the next decade 40 exabytes of biodata will be generated.

Given exponential growth of scientific publications (global output doubles every nine years), manual knowledge collection and curation is most challenging.

This creates a bottleneck in conversion of biodata into discoveries and clinical applications. It brings up an important issue for those contributing biodata in terms of how their data is used, the security of biodata contributed and how value generated by data is shared.

The Solution

Rejuve believes that biomedical research merged with AI technology on a robust and secure blockchain contains the solution to the aging disease problem. Rejuve looks to solve broader health extension issues while providing unique benefits to its visionary early-adopters.

Control Your Biodata

Contemporary clinical and laboratory techniques, aided by AI analytical, simulation and reasoning tools, can make profound progress towards human aging issues near-term. Rejuve is ready to lead the way to originate and refine these solutions and expedite the discovery of diagnostic tools and anti-aging treatments.

Through Rejuve individuals contribute biologic and lifestyle data in a way that provides visibility into and control over a person’s data stored on a secure blockchain.

Clinics benefit from this ecosystem through contributions of anonymized or non-anonymized biodata and researchers thrive with access to biodata in an appropriate manner.

Data contributions analyzed by using AI algorithms run on SingularityNET are combined with public biomedical datasets and data obtained from partner labs. Therapies for life extension and age-associated disease are refined and tested in Rejuve research labs and clinics.

Decentralized AI Biomedical Research

Hypotheses generated in areas like gene therapies, pharmaceuticals, drug repurposing and novel forms of therapeutics, drive discoveries delivered to Members. Information derived from contributed biodata provide benefits of extended healthy lifespans and a share of profits from licensing therapies are provided based on the Rejuve Points ecosystem.

Rejuve supports select external longevity research projects, funded via resources derived from licensing profits or with external investment partners. Network members receive numerous benefits, including personalized longevity analysis to enhance decisions from their medical professions and other experts.

Rejuve Points

To seed a new biomedical ecosystem that leads toward AI assisted healthspan extension, Rejuve created a novel value transfer mechanism called Rejuve Points. Within the Rejuve community points allow for interactions between individuals, researchers, longevity experts, clinicians and the SingularityNET AI platform.

The Rejuve initiative accelerates healthspan extension through a better organized and regulated medical system through the introduction of a novel quantitative value instrument dedicated to the value exchanges critical for healthspan extension.

Quantified value exchange has limits and the right healthspan-oriented value system effectively guides and enhances qualitative exchanges. The decision to make personal medical data available to researchers is not always a quantifiable calculation. It may be an informal exchange involving gifting and data exchange based on research and information advantages.

In time, Rejuve Member interests will be managed by a democratic organization where agents seamlessly interact to monetize biodata and longevity related activities. A scriptable digital token allows for incentive schemes to govern medical businesses such as licensing, fee-for-service and referrals while digital contracts can automatically execute and govern licenses, payment for biodata and other services.

Individuals and clinics receive points in exchange for data while clinics and researchers can purchase biomedical AI analytics services with points. Clinics may provide discounted or preferential treatment for points and use points to obtain AI analytics services.