Longevity Network

Currently in development, Rejuve is a token-based membership network fostering community engagement and the sharing of biomedical data with a focus on longevity.


Token Holders

Contribute data regarding their own bodies and lifestyles, to a Rejuve Data Commons used to drive AI R&D regarding aging and its causes and potential remedies.

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AI Services

SingularityNET AI tools are applied to the Rejuve Data Commons, in collaboration with top biological and medical scientists, to suggest new treatments for age-associated diseases.


Member Clinics

Share anonymized data regarding their patients (with patient consent), which also goes into the Rejuve Data Commons. Member labs and clinics then test new therapies as appropriate.

Rejuve Token Benefits

The RJV token is the lifeblood of the network. Tokens are used to compensate individuals for their shared data. Tokens are also used to obtain services such as personalized AI analytics from the network.



Personalized Longevity Plans

Rejuve members gain access to a machine learning expert system (a kind of AI), which analyzes the results of a variety of biological tests.


Participatory Governance

RJV Token Holders are invited to participate in the decision-making process for allocation of Rejuve Reserve and other resources via a voting function associated with their RJV Tokens.


Network & Forum

Rejuve members may spend RJV Tokens to up-vote posts and encourage participation. The tokenomic logic of the Forum follows SingularityNET’s AI-based reputation system.