Modelling and understanding the human body is too big a task for any one entity or organization. Leveraging SingularityNET’s open platform of AI, Rejuve is developing methods by which a swarm of researchers can come to consensus on models of increasing complexity, while exploring multiple combinations of models and datasets that make sense to combine together. Metrics of consonance – i.e. formal measurements of the amount of sense that models and data make together – facilitate automated complexification in a decentralized manner. The models submitted by diverse researchers can be combined in an automated way, or via participation of researchers.

Decentralization brings the wisdom of the crowd to the challenge of longevity, and automated models embody the cumulative consensus of researchers. Rejuve’s models of human biology are something tangible and cumulative that the community can work on together, but are larger than reductionist randomized controlled trials and take more variables into account. Concrete models focus the discussion on a specific object, which the hive mind can debug until consensus is reached. Working on common tangible models, and being able to see the consequences of their models for other models, helps researchers find what their models imply, and to think more holistically and systemically than when concentrating on a single variable.