The Rejuve Points Ecosystem

To achieve its aim of seeding a new biomedical ecosystem leading more rapidly toward technologically assisted healthspan extension for all, the Rejuve founding group is introducing a novel value transfer mechanism called Rejuve Points, and launching two coupled organizations for managing and leveraging these points: Rejuve Network and Rejuve Tech.

Seeding a Smarter and More Democratic Biomedical Ecosystem

The philosophy underlying the Rejuve initiative is to accelerate progress towards radical healthspan extension, and to achieve this we need better ways to organize and regulate the overall system of biomedical participants and stakeholders.  

The current approach involves exchanges of fiat currency and insurance premiums, guided heavily by government regulations. Introduction of a novel quantitative value instrument dedicated specifically to the value exchanges critical for healthspan extension – Rejuve Points – has potential to play a major role in guiding the global healthcare system toward a more beneficial and efficient place.

Quantified value exchange has its limits, for example the decision by an individual to make some of their personal medical data available to certain researchers will not generally be the result of a quantifiable calculation – but more of an informal exchange involving an aspect of gifting and also an aspect of exchanging data for benefits that stem from researchers’ processes and informational advantages. Rejuve believes that the right healthspan-oriented quantified value system can effectively guide and enhance the relevant qualitative exchanges.

The community of Rejuve Points holders should be considered as a network; and the Points should be considered as a tool allowing network participants to benefit from the synergistic interactions between individuals, researchers, longevity experts, clinicians, and SingularityNET with its array of AI tools and active AI development community, along with other relevant creators of AI or other biomedically relevant tools.

Rejuve Network and Rejuve Tech

To manage and leverage the value created in the Rejuve Points community, two separate linked organizations have been launched.

  • Rejuve Network  –  a   representation of the community of Rejuve Points holders, which is intended to ultimately  become a self-governing, autonomous organization. 
  • Rejuve Technologies  Corp. (Rejuve Tech) – a healthspan technology company dedicated to discovering, creating and testing new therapies and diagnostics based largely on data and analysis contributed by Rejuve Network members

There is an initial exclusive arrangement between Rejuve Network and Rejuve Tech, which is subject to annual renegotiation after an initial five-year period (or earlier in some special circumstances). According to this arrangement, Rejuve Tech has exclusive rights to develop therapies or diagnostics based on Rejuve Network data (together with its partners), and any revenue from therapies thus developed must partially revert to Rejuve Network.

Rejuve Network will then distribute revenues deriving from Rejuve Tech discoveries among its members according to its own mandate, which in the simplest case involves assigning revenue share to members proportional to the number of Rejuve Points they hold. Rejuve Network may also later introduce more refined mechanisms, such as special Rejuve Points corresponding to particular clinical trials, to be granted to Network members participating in the trials, and entitling the holder to a share of revenue from therapies or diagnostics involved in those particular trials.

Informally we will often refer to “Rejuve” as a unified ecosystem, specifying the individual responsibilities and assets of Rejuve Network and Rejuve Tech as formal organizations only when this is important to the point at hand.

Rejuve Points Flow

The core transactions to be made involving Rejuve points are:

  • Rejuve Network member individuals and clinics are provided Rejuve Points in exchange for contributing their data to Rejuve  Network (which may occur via various apps provided by Rejuve Tech or Rejuve Network

  • Rejuve Network members may receive various biomedical AI analytics services from Rejuve Tech, in exchange for transferring some of their Rejuve Points to Rejuve Tech


  • Rejuve member clinics may provide discounted or preferential treatment to Rejuve members in exchange for Rejuve Points
  • The clinics may then use their Rejuve Points to obtain AI data analytics services from Rejuve Tech.

Initially, Rejuve Points can only be used to  exchange value within the Rejuve ecosystem, and cannot be exchanged outside the ecosystem, e.g. for fiat currency or liquid cryptocurrencies. However, once the Rejuve  ecosystem is more mature and the Rejuve Network has transitioned to fully democratic governance, then the Rejuve membership may choose to introduce liquidity of Rejuve Points, in a manner that is legally compliant for Rejuve members in their various jurisdictions

Rejuve and SingularityNET

Rejuve is being launched as a spinoff from the SingularityNET Foundation, the organization behind the SingularityNET decentralized AI marketplace, as an initiative to take the healthspan-oriented AI R&D done using SingularityNET during 2018-19 to the next level.

The Rejuve Data Commons, a blockchain-secured repository into which Rejuve member data is placed once uploaded, is controlled by smart contracts stewarded by Rejuve Network, and has the ability to connect to the SingularityNET decentralized AI marketplace.

Among  the key interactions between the  Rejuve and SingularityNET networks are:

  • Rejuve Tech’s data analytics tools will connect to the SingularityNET marketplace, thus bringing a variety of AI tools to bear on the data provided by individual members and longevity clinics within Rejuve’s network.   
  • Rejuve’s usage of SingularityNET will encourage the development of additional  clinical data analysis tools and AI services for hypothesis generation/testing on the marketplace.
  • SingularityNET AI agents may offer a discounted price to Rejuve in exchange for receiving some Rejuve Points on top of their AGI token payment.
  • The Rejuve Points held by a SingularityNET AI agent may be used to obtain access to Rejuve data for that agent’s other biomedical analysis work.

The Rejuve/SingularityNET ecosystem will be able to transact using both AGI tokens and Rejuve Points as appropriate, allowing the AI and health network protocols to be interoperable with each other. This sort of “multidimensional” transaction is one of the many intriguing potentials fostered by a tokenomic infrastructure.

A Tokenomy with Clear Exponential Potential

This novel tokenomy has the potentially to exponentially onboard essential core participants such as individual members, longevity clinics, biomedical researchers, and SingularityNET AI services. 

The  aim is to build a network where these various agents seamlessly interact and thereby create an opportunity for a variety of parties to monetize health related data and activities. Connecting biomedical and lifestyle data, AI, biomedical research, and clinical delivery of novel therapies in this way has the potential to  create a virtuous cycle of economic and health value.

Using a scriptable digital token for these points allows incentive schemes to be designed for a variety of medical business models, such as licensing, fee-for-service, and referrals.   Among the many interesting potentials here is the ability to create digital contracts that execute automatically. For instance, digital relationships could govern the licensing of longevity therapies, the payment for real-time biometric data, and subscription to AI health-lifestyle coaches.