The Rejuve Points Ecosystem

To seed a new biomedical ecosystem that leads toward AI assisted healthspan extension, Rejuve created a novel value transfer mechanism called Rejuve Points. Within the Rejuve community points allow for interactions between individuals, researchers, longevity experts, clinicians and SingularityNET, with its array of AI tools and active development community.

This initiative accelerates healthspan extension through a better organized and regulated medical system. The current approach involves exchanges of cash and use of insurance premiums under the heavy hand of government regulation. Introduction of a novel quantitative value instrument dedicated to the value exchanges critical for healthspan extension can move the medical world into a more efficient arena.

Quantified value exchange has limits and the right healthspan-oriented value system effectively guides and enhances qualitative exchanges. The decision to make personal medical data available to researchers is not always a quantifiable calculation. It may be an informal exchange involving gifting and data exchange based on research and information advantages.


In time, Rejuve Member interests will be managed by a democratic organization where agents seamlessly interact to monetize biodata and longevity related activities. A scriptable digital token allows for incentive schemes to govern medical businesses such as licensing, fee-for-service and referrals while digital contracts can automatically execute and govern licenses, payment for biodata and other services. 

There is an initial exclusive arrangement between Rejuve Network and Rejuve Tech, which is subject to annual renegotiation after an initial five-year period (or earlier in some special circumstances). According to this arrangement, Rejuve Tech has exclusive rights to develop therapies or diagnostics based on Rejuve Network data (together with its partners), and any revenue from therapies thus developed must partially revert to Rejuve Network.

Rejuve Network will then distribute revenues deriving from Rejuve Tech discoveries among its members according to its own mandate, which in the simplest case involves assigning revenue share to members proportional to the number of Rejuve Points they hold. Rejuve Network may also later introduce more refined mechanisms, such as special Rejuve Points corresponding to particular clinical trials, to be granted to Network members participating in the trials, and entitling the holder to a share of revenue from therapies or diagnostics involved in those particular trials.

Informally we will often refer to “Rejuve” as a unified ecosystem, specifying the individual responsibilities and assets of Rejuve Network and Rejuve Tech as formal organizations only when this is important to the point at hand.

Individuals and clinics receive points in exchange for data while clinics and researchers can purchase biomedical AI analytics services with points. Clinics may provide discounted or preferential treatment for points and use points to obtain AI analytics services. 

Rejuve Points benefits include:

Early Access to Longevity Treatments

New therapies offered preferentially to individuals through clinics that accept Rejuve Points.

Monetization of Personal Biodata

Points obtained via licensing therapies are shared with Members with a portion used to support longevity research initiatives.

Future Token Capabilities

Currently, points can be used to exchange value internally and are not exchanged outside the ecosystem. Non-transferrable points can be made into liquid, transferable tokens at any point with Member approval and Members may introduce a legally compliant liquid token.