Rejuve Team

From Hong Kong, China, Europe, US, and the Middle East, Rejuve Team Members are passionate about AI, blockchain, longevity science and the opportunity to improve people’s lives. We bring together decades of experience in AI, medicine, bioinformatics, and marketing to provide a world-class team to deliver results in the pursuit of longevity.

Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam
Chairman & Chief Biomedical Officer

Acclaimed scientist, philanthropist, award-winning artist, educator, medical professor and entrepreneur, Dr. Lam founded LifeTech Group to develop healthcare products and founded World Eye Organization (WEO).  

portrait-david-lake (1)
David Lake
Director & Chief Executive Officer

Based in China for over two decades, Mr. Lake is the Investor Relations Director for SingularityNET and Founder of Greater China Capital Inc., a financial consulting group that participates in regenerative medicine projects.

Dr. Ben Goertzel
Director & Chief AI Scientist

Leading AI and biotech researcher and founder of SingularityNET AI  and MOZI.AI, Dr. Goertzel is renowned as the father of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and has played a leading role since 2001 in the application of machine learning for longevity research. 

Tony van de Ven
Chief Innovation Officer

Accomplished entrepreneur with seven successful startups. Advocate of longevity and healthspan extension and is the Chief Longevity Officer of MOZI AI Health, an early stage company developing an AI biological research assistant.

Denis Odinokov, MBBS, MSc
Director & Chief of Genetics & Bioinformatics

For SingularityNET, designed the Medical Expert System (MES) for individuals to manage their health and medical needs via AI enhanced recommendations.

Dr. Deborah Duong
Director of AI Development

Thirty years of work in Complex Adaptive Systems and distributed AI, including applying Neural Networks, Bayesian Networks, Evolutionary Computation and Distributed Agents to problems of population health and personalized medicine.

Drs. Ibby Benali
Director of Product Development

Experienced team leader of content developers and decentralize AI technologists. Holds a degree in Digital Business Studies. Tech Marketing Manager and Data Protection Officer at SingularityNET.

Bruce J. Klein
Director of Outreach

Founded the Immortality Institute (LongeCity) in 2002, and participated in the creation of Singularity University and the AGI Conference series.

Kwok Yuen Keung Tommy
Chief Financial Officer

Based in Hong Kong, with extensive experience in the areas of accounting, management consulting, corporate restructuring, business development, financial modeling, corporate finance and IPO issuance in China and the US.

Louis Man-Fat Lam
Chief Administrative Officer

Long established background and connections within the health industry as President of LifeTech Group and as President of the World Eye Organization (WEO) with the mission of preventing and treating eye disease.

Kent Zaitlik
Network Advisor

Founder and CEO of MOZI AI Health, an AI bioinformatics company that creates software for the development of regenerative medicine and novel therapeutics for age-related disease.

Javin Pierce
Network Advisor

Founder of Pierce Surgical, as well as a medical entrepreneur. Leader of University and private sector R&D for tissue engineering, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Michael John Duncan
Network Advisor

Founder and computational biology chief at MOZI AI Health. Brings 15 years of clinical experience as a physician assistant and academic training in applied mathematics (BA, UC Berkeley) and epidemiology (MPH, SUNY Downstate).

Dr. Krešimir Pavelić
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Medical doctor and molecular biology professor who has practiced and taught across Europe and the US. Currently Head of the Biotechnology Department at the University of Rijeka and Dean of the University of Pula Medical School. 

Dr. Sandra Kraljevic Pavelić
Scientific Advisory Board

Holds a PhD in Biology and is currently the Associate Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, University of Rijeka, and Head of the Centre for High-throughput Technologies.